Befriending Project to be launched

We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be embarking on our Befriending Project. Its aim is to provide occasional social support, to people affected by an autistic spectrum condition, in accessing community facilities. We are also looking for volunteers to assist in this project. If you think a Befriending service would benefit you, or if you'd like to find out more about becoming a befriender, then please give Mark Hilley a call on 01872 278378 or email

Spectrum Pearl Conference July 27th

To celebrate its 30th anniversary Spectrum is holding a one-day conference at the Combined Universities of Cornwall's Tremough Campus in Penryn. The event has attracted a fascinating group of speakers on a range of interesting topics

The cost to attend the Conference is £75.00. However, the DCAS has a limited number of places reserved at significantly reduced rates for existing members (who should be parents, familial relatives of, or someone on the autistic spectrum). To become a member please complete and return this form

For more information contact Danielle Overend on 01872 278378 or email her at

Autistic Boy Restrained by Police at Swimming Pool: Full Judgement

The case of the young boy with autism, recently deemed to have been unlawfully restrained by the Metropolitan police at a swimming pool in London, raises many relevant questions on how the police need to improve their understanding and management of individuals with ASDs. You can read the full judgement (below). 

The dangers of misreporting behaviour (by the swimming pool supervisor) and the heavy-handed/over-the-top approach of the police appear to have come together to result in this lamentable incident.

DISC Project Partnership

The DCAS is delighted to report the start of a project of collaboration with DISC Camborne. DISC provide a much needed service for vulnerable adults (18yrs +) who are either homeless, have addiction(s), on probation, have physical/mental health issues, people with learning disabilities, migrant workers, and older people. It also provides mentoring to ex offenders and support for families of those in prison. The DCAS will seek to provide support for those in the community (who use DISC) who may have undiagnosed ASD. Next visit will be on April 5th 11.00 – 12.00. Thanks to Lorna, Penny and everyone for their welcome and hospitality.

The Story of Spectrum in Beautiful Animation

Spectrum is the biggest and longest established provider of services for people with ASDs in Cornwall. However its history and evolution have been shaped in many ways by the DCAS. The founding fathers of the DCAS were the very people who gave birth to Spectrum. Check out this beautiful animation illustrating the growth and sterling work carried out by Spectrum, and remember the dedication of those committed parents of the DCAS who provided the platform for these great achievements.  Enjoy!

Basic training in ASD awareness at the next Family Support Group Meeting

The next meeting of the Family Support Group will be held on Wednesday 30th November at the Three Bridges School in Blackwater between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

The evidence of past meetings has revealed that many parents (who attend) might benefit from a basic introduction to the autistic spectrum. We will therefore aim to use the first hour of the session to faciliate this, and hopefully continue this format for the next few meetings.  

Many parents have undoubtedly read everything that there is to read on the subject, and of course it would be great for those members to attend as well – in order that everyone might benefit from their knowledge (both theoretical and practical).  

Please continue to spread the word to anyone who might benefit from coming along. Look forward to seeing you! 090618_Directions_Three_Bridges

Guest Speaker for Family Support Group Meeting in September

September's meeting of the Parents'/Family Support Group on Wednesday 21st September at Spectrum's Three Bridges School in Blackwater.


We will be delighted to have Tigger Pritchard with us for the session. Tigger will give an insight into his experience of working with people with ASDs at Truro College over the past decade, as well as providing information on his role as a Makaton facilitator.


The session will again run between 6.30pm and 8.30pm as a drop-in facility. Those wishing to attend can stay for as long as is convenient for them within the two-hour session.


The service will provide an opportunity for people to discuss their own particular issues with others who understand the pressures of having a family member with an autistic spectrum disorder. It’s hoped that the group meetings will develop into an invaluable resource of practical advice and support for those involved.


Refreshments will be available and there is ample parking on site. Directions are here….090618_Directions_Three_Bridges


For more information email: or call 01326 371039.